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The Location and Image Library Search page includes the MyLocaMap feature.
The MyLocaMap enables the user to select and edit candidate locations found during a search to create a personalized map of filming locations in and around Hakodate.
• Using the MyLocaMap
Once a location of interest or image from the image library is found, click the Add to MyLocaMap tab to access the Edit MyLocaMap screen.

Click here for how to use the location search function.

Click here for how to use the image library search function.
From the Edit MyLocaMap screen, the user can delete or view details of the selected locations and images from the image library. The order of locations can also be edited by clicking the Up or Down tab.

Once the order of locations has been determined, click on the Create MyLocaMap tab to create a personalized map of selected locations.
The MyLocaMap screen will automatically indicate the location of selected locations or images from the image library on the map, allowing easy confirmation of distances between locations as well as other information.

The user can reedit selections at any time by clicking the Edit MyLocaMap tab.

Click the Open Printing Window tab to print. A separate browser will appear that automatically formats the screen to A4 size.
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